Home Heat Hub

1.5 Home Heat Hub – ESP8266

The ESP8266 has many variations of which two were tested; ESP-01 and ESP-12. Both modules are
equipped with a 32-bit System-on-Chip(SoC) and built in antenna. The main difference between the
units is the ESP-12 chip has released the available GPIOs to pins. The device is capable of being an
access point, network device or both and with the available GPIOs and programmable flash ROM it is
possible to configure and flash your own custom firmware. The modules were tested as singular units
and in conjunction with the Nano MCU.

In order to make the pins easily accessible and more breadboard friendly, a section of proto-board
and pins were soldered to the ESP-01 & ESP-12 as shown in the images below.

Figure 1-2 – ESP-01 with breadboard modification
Figure 1.3 – ESP-12 with breadboard modification

Custom firmware (NodeMCU) was uploaded which enabled the use of a small basic self-hosted web
page with buttons to control the 2 available GPIOs. The results were very encouraging with good
response times, the negatives of this setup is limited GPIOs and time constraints on
building/compiling custom firmware specific for this projects requirements.


Author: Brian Lawes

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